At IMC we pride ourselves at being different to the generic consultancy services elsewhere. IMC assist clients to change and support with continuous improvements. We don't "copy & paste" our thinking strategies and practices or overcomplicate our processes. Our service proposition uses a single point of contact providing leadership and accountability for performance.  In unison we will identify opportunities to rationalise and streamline services, harmonise and unify working practices, remove wasteful management and process layers and make greater commitments to commercial and operational performance – ultimately reducing down time and improving margin.

Becoming a well managed workplace enables people to thrive and productivity to rise. We are passionate about delivering uncompromising quality and service, so you and most importantly, your employees, don’t waste any time on incidental issues.


Our range of  solutions will help to ensure that your strategy, operations, health and safety critical services are consistently managed / maintained to the right standards and that you gain / maintain the necessary compliance to meet legal, regulatory and insurance requirements

IMC Support Services offered:

Operational Effectiveness / Mobilisation & implementation / Change & Transition

Performance Management / Strategy & Process development / Technical Documentation

Auditing & Benchmarking / Business Improvement / Cost Reduction / Outsourcing